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Stanley Rigaud
Miami-Dade Beacon Council, Director of Economic Development

Stanley Rigaud: -
Director of Trade & Logistics International Economic Development 305-579-1347 Email: srigaud@beaconcouncil.com Stanley Rigaud is Director of Economic Development for Trade & Logistics at Miami-Dade Beacon Council, Miami-Dade County’s official public-private economic development partnership. Rigaud’ s unique understanding of logistics and lean operations comes from his 25 years of service at FedEx as an Operations Manager, Transportation & Logistics Specialist, and other key leadership positions in both air and ground operations. In 1997, Rigaud was the recipient of the “FedEx Outstanding Service Award”, recognized for the extraordinary measures taken to assist an American couple traveling to China to adopt a little girl after their passports were destroyed. Prior to joining The Beacon Council, Rigaud served as Director of Development for Rebâti Santé Mentale, an international non-profit organization dedicated to bolstering the continuity of care to underserved populations with different levels of mental health needs in Haiti and the United States. In his capacity as Director, Rigaud played a major role in successfully negotiating official partnership agreements with three key institutions in Haiti including, the Ministry of Public Health, the School of Medicine at the State University, and the CERPA (Center Specializing for the Rehabilitation of People with Amputations. He is currently a Board Member for Rebâti Santé Mentale. Rigaud holds a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science and International Relations from Florida International University (FIU) and a Master’s degree in Global Governance from FIU as well.
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