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Richard Chance
Cyber Education Partners, CEO/Founder

Richard Chance: -
Richard Chance is an entrepreneur and educator at heart with interest in workforce accelerators, eSports, and transhumanism. Currently, he is the founder and chief executive of Cyber Education Partners, a workforce accelerator with programs in Esports and Cybersecurity, and serves as the Executive Director for the Esports Education Expo, a premier event bridging the gap between education and Esports. Chance is a seriel entrepreneur. In 2018, he sold his interest in a bootcamp school for cybersecurity, a company he founded just two years prior. He understands the challenges of an entrepreneur from both sides of the "Shark Tank" table. He has served as the Chief Innovation Officer of a conglomerate of companies operating in real estate holdings and development, education, healthcare, technology, and financial sectors. As CIO he was responsible for harnessing and managing innovation throughout the portfolio companies, and for vetting potential investments in technology companies from startups to early stage investments.

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