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Ivelin Yuriev
Akamai, Security Solutions Architect

Ivelin Yuriev: -
Ivelin Yuriev is a Security Solutions Architect at Akamai Technologies. After undergraduate studies in both Mathematics and Computer Science, Ivelin chose to pursue Cyber Security as both a career and hobby. This decision was influenced by his experience working at Prolexic Technologies as a Network Operations Technician. At this point in 2013, Prolexic was perhaps the biggest DDoS mitigation services company in the market which led to the company being acquired by Akamai. Ivelin made the transition to Akamai and was promoted to the role of Security Specialist which gave him first-hand experience with some of the largest DDoS attacks in history and how to help mitigating them. Since then, Ivelin has spent years with Akamai developing his expertise and helping customers to make their digital properties safe and secure with Web Application Firewalls, Bot Manager mitigations and credential stuffing solutions. Currently Ivelin is pursuing master’s in Cyber Security with concentration in Digital Forensics at University of South Florida.

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