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Greg Taffet
Taffet Assoc, Managing Partner and CIO

Greg Taffet: - certified mentor
Greg Taffet is Managing Partner and CIO at Taffet Associates. He has held executive positions in fast growing companies helping them scale sales to multiple millions of dollars. He is innovative executive with an entrepreneurial-style of leadership and recognized IT success. His performance has been proven in a wide range of industries including: manufacturing, energy, banking, brokerage, consulting, printing, software development, computer security, and retail. He has a diverse background that provides big picture perspective to drive growth, as well as real life experience to facilitate day-to-day implementation. He is successful in building IT teams and developing creative technical solutions to business challenges. He thrives in high-pressure, rapidly-changing environments. Start-ups, and growth companies are his specialties. He was honored with the 2017 CIO of the year Award and recognized by South Florida Business journal as CIO of the Year finalist. He received the 2012 Universal Access Award from the South Florida Digital Alliance. Mr. Taffet holds a Bachelor’s degree from Franklin and Marshall College and a Master’s from Stevens Institute of Technology. He serves on the board of the SFDA.

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