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Greg Taffet
Crius Energy ( US Gas and Electric), Head of IT

Greg Taffet: -
Greg Taffet joined U.S. Gas and Electric, Inc. (“USG&E”), a leading energy supplier, as Chief Information Officer in December of 2007. USG&E was just acquired by Crius Energy after shepherding the company through multiple years of double digit growth. Mr. Taffet oversees the management and development of all business and information technology at USG&E. In addition to day to day management, Mr. Taffet is responsible for the technology transformation that has matched the company’s growth as it has doubled in size for six years. Previous to USG&E, Mr. Taffet was the Vice President and Chief Technology Officer for MxEnergy. He was in this role for nine years and was one of the founding employees of the organization. Mr. Taffet also has extensive manufacturing experience from working at the Bodine Corporation in various capacities including Manager of Systems and Integration. As a founder of Wellington Systems consulting firm, he gained significant experience in the financial, automotive and banking industries. Mr. Taffet has over 25 years of technology, business, industry, and operational systems experience with an extensive background in mergers and acquisitions. Greg Taffet was awarded with the 2017 CIO of the year Apogee Award by South Florida Business and Wealth and was recently recognized by South Florida Business journal as CIO of the Year finalist. He received the 2012 Universal Access Award in the individual category from the South Florida Digital Alliance for his long list of accomplishments which have increased access to information and technology thereby positively impacting the lives of many in several communities. Mr. Taffet holds a Bachelor’s degree from Franklin and Marshall College and a Master’s degree in Computer Science from Stevens Institute of Technology. Mr. Taffet serves on the board of the South Florida Digital Alliance.
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