Start Time: 05/14/2019 11:40 AM, End Time: 05/14/2019 12:30 PM, Location: 211

Session Level: Advanced

Target Audience:
Business, Hospitality, Entrepreneurship.

Session Summary:

You want to know the most important factor in the success of any new business? Simple, HOW BIG IS THE SIGN. In other words, that business’ initial success had a direct correlation to its VISIBILTY. The more visible, the more revenue.

So what does a business sign have to do with YOU. Let’s face it, you are the CEO of this corporation that you call YOU. Besides being the CEO, you are also the Vice President of operations, human resources, legal, accounting and finance, construction, real estate, marketing, purchasing, etc. etc. YOU get the picture. If you haven’t figured it out by now……YOU are the sign!

As the CEO of YOU, your main duty is to increase revenue and grow your brand. So, what does your sign say when you meet someone or when you walk into a room?

Presenter: JESSE VAZQUEZ - J. A. N. Consulting Group(President)
Jesse Vazquez is the Founder and President of the consulting firm J.A.N. Consulting Group, Inc. Jesse has owned and operated several high volume restaurants, as well as, guided aspiring entrepreneurs in realizing their dreams of opening their own successful restaurants. He has counseled an array of ...  Read More
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