Start Time: 04/21/2020 10:40 AM, End Time: 04/21/2020 12:40 PM, Location: 210

Session Level: Beginner

Target Audience:
Juniors and Seniors interested in working in event production and management (Hospitality), Business, Marketing, Media Production (to include Journalism), and Information Technology

Session Summary:

Everyone is a gamer. From your grandmother on solitaire to the professional who Candy Crushes on down time, and every kid with ability and access to play, electronic games is apart of our everyday lives. While most are just entertaining themselves, did you know you could turn that past-time into a career? Professional “Gamers” now rival traditional athletes in popularity, wealth, and esteem. The gaming industry has now surpassed the music industry in size and will overtake the movie industry by next year (2020).

This rapidly growing industry needs a trained workforce in a variety of skills to include hospitality, media production, sports management, business, marketing, and information technology.

In this session we will explore various career paths and what you can do to work in the eSPorts industry.

Presenter: Richard Chance - Cyber Education Partners(CEO/Founder)
About Richard Chance:
Richard Chance is an entrepreneur and educator at heart with interest in workforce accelerators, eSports, and transhumanism. Currently, he is the founder and chief executive of Cyber Education Partners, a workforce accelerator with programs in Esports and Cybersecurity, and serves as the Executive D...  Read More
Co-Presenter(s): Richard Chance

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