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As part of a career-focused educational experience, Miami-Dade County Public Schools NAF academy students take part in an ongoing series of work-based learning activities, culminating with a compensated internship completed typically during the summer between 11th and 12th grade.

The internship experience gives students a chance to gain real world, hands-on experience, make lasting professional connections, and to discover more about a specific career path. Internship experiences are linked to students’ future career goals in order to make learning more engaging and relevant. The business partners who hire NAF academy students as interns benefit from the efforts of enthusiastic, prepared, and highly conscientious workers and get the chance to train and recruit future employees.

Get your company Interns in five easy steps:

Step #1 Register your company and post your internship openings on

Step #2 After approval of your company, you will be able to review applicant resumes in advance of the conference (April 21, 2020.) When your positions post after approval then students will be able to view the internship descriptions. You will see student applicant resumes only after applicants mark they are INTERESTED in your position. (won’t see resumes right away.)

Step #3 In Miami.GetMyInterns you can schedule student interviews for different dates and times at your company site, as well as for the day of the conference on April 21st at the Hilton Doubletree MACC. (Deadline to schedule for conference interviews TBA.)

Step #4 Make your Internship job offer at the conference, or arrange a follow-up interview at your company site.

Step #5 For more information, contact Ann Fields of Miami-Dade County Public Schools.


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